ProhibitedPassion-1 (Large)In the age of jazz and champagne cocktails, respectable English widow Jenny embarks on a new life in America. She has no idea what her future holds, but she’s sure of one thing: she will never love again.

So when, half way across the ocean, she is stuck in an elevator with Tom Gallagher, a roguishly handsome and very unavailable Prohibition gangster, the last thing she needs to fear is losing her heart. Or does she?

Prohibited Passion is now available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Amazon UK.

From a review by Maria on Romance Book Haven: “I found this novel to be beautifully evocative of early 20th century New York and the jazz age – an age, I must confess, in which I had little interest, until I started reading this fascinating little gem of a novella. I would recommend this to students of this period of history, to readers of romance, readers of historical fiction and most importantly, readers of good writing.”


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