She shifted in her seat to take a harder look at him and felt an unfamiliar frisson of longing. He was not her usual type. He was too staid, too tightly wound, to interest her. Men like that held back all their lives, never living, never feeling. She wanted to feel everything. She wanted to experience every sensation, go places she’d never been. She wanted to taste life. Because only in those thrilling moments of living on the edge was she able to overcome the sense of loss that infected their generation.

He must have sensed her eyes on him, for he turned to look at her. Driving, even at this speed, had altered him. The wind tousled his sandy hair and his bright blue eyes were alight with excitement. He even laughed to catch her staring.

Her stomach did a flip. She imagined those eyes bright with mischief, burning with desire. It would be a thrill to be the one to put that look there, to push him over the edge and make him lose his careful control. It could be done. If just this little drive could stir his excitement, imagine what full-blown arousal would do.

The devil voice inside her head laughed. Before he married and settled down, and allowed that spark to die inside him, Sebastian needed to learn to live.

And she was going to show him how.


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