LetsMisbehave 2nd ed FinalThree and a half years after the release of my first novella, and reviews are still coming in. Best of all, the reviews only seem to be getting better! Today Google Alerts alerted me to a new review for Let’s Misbehave from Maria at Romantic Historical Reviews. Thanks Maria, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

It’s hard to pick a favourite quote from this review, but I’m going with this one: “A novella is a tightly reined format in which to fully explore a full love story but I felt this one did just that.”

You can read the full review here.

Let’s Misbehave is available from Amazon and will soon be available on the other major ebook retailers – watch this space!


I’m in day job hell right now, with a film shoot occupying every waking moment and keeping me from writing, so what bliss to wake up on a sunny Sunday morning to this review.

A huge thanks to Mac at Two Lips Reviews for her wonderful words.

Now, let’s just hope my publisher of choice puts the cherry on the cake by replying soon with good news on Innocent  Abroad.

This morning I stumbled across a new review for Let’s Misbehave which completely made my day. Actually it’s not new as it dates from March, which shows you can’t trust Google Alerts to alert you every time.

Though the review is identical to the one posted by The Romance Reviews, but what tickled me pink about this one is that they rated this: B – Great, would want to read again.

Click on the image below to read the full review.

Vintage Rose author Cherie Le Clare is hosting a selection of VR authors on her blog, and this week I’m the one hogging the limelight. Please follow me over to Cherie’s blog and find out a little inside information on Let’s Misbehave: http://cherieleclare.com/blog/. If you haven’t already read this novella, this could be your chance to win a copy. Just leave a comment on Cherie’s blog and you’re entered.

I’m also blogging today at Nocturnal Nights.

This week Let’s Misbehave was reviewed at Long and Short Romance Reviews, that powerhouse of online reviews. For the full review, click on the link. But here’s my favourite bit:

Rae Summers packs a wealth of emotion into this short book. Her insight into the social change and unrest of a generation caught in the aftermath of a horrific war is enthralling.

Let’s Misbehave bubbles with life and has some sizzling love scenes that take the breath away. Good entertainment!


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Let’s Misbehave got 4.5 stars from RT book reviews and a stunning write-up at RT Book Reviews. Thank you so much to the lovely Kate Gerard and everyone at RT book reviews. I’m dancing on air today!

You can read the review here: http://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-review/lets-misbehave-0