Do you read one particular time period – or do you read quite widely across all periods?

This question came up recently on Kboards, the site for Kindle authors, and I’m curious to know the answer.

At the moment, Amazon lumps all historical romances into one category. Since there is such a vast range of historical settings, from ancient civilisations to 20th century, it can be hard to find books that appeal to your particular tastes if you are more selective about what you read.

It’s particularly interesting that such a large genre is lumped together, when more niche books, like military romance, time-travel romance, holiday-themed romance and sports romance (I kid you not!) have their own categories.

What do you think? Do you think Amazon should create searchable sub-categories for different historical settings or time periods?

If you feel strongly about this, either as a reader or an author, you can add your voice to the call to Amazon here. Click on the yellow ‘Contact us’ button, log in, then click on ‘Something Else’, select ‘More non-order questions’ from the drop down list, then ‘Give Amazon Feedback’ then ‘Opportunities for Improvement.’ Type your email to them and hit send.

I know it sounds complicated but it is easier than it sounds – though Amazon don’t make contacting them easy!

Just out of interest: I’ve heard that Barnes & Noble have 17 sub-categories for historical romance!