Here’s a sneak peek into Prohibited Passion, which will be released on Amazon on 1st May. Jazz, Prohibition, and a trans-Atlantic cruise liner form the backdrop for this 1920s romance.

* * *

“It’s a raid!” someone yelled.

The music crashed to a stop, and suddenly people were everywhere, running in all directions and shoving around her.

Colin grabbed her hand and pulled her across the dance floor, to the back of the club behind the podium.

“My stole!” she cried, but the din swallowed her voice.

Then she saw a door that hadn’t been there before, where a concealed panel had slid open in the back wall. Jenny followed Colin through the door, hanging onto his hand so as not to get separated from him in the push of the crowd. Casting one last look back at the club, its dazzling lights still shimmering off every surface, she saw that the waiters had begun to hammer wall panels over the bar, concealing the liquor behind a fake façade. Then she was borne away down another long, dingy corridor and out into the cool, crisp air of an unlit alley at the back of the building.

They followed the crowd into a side street. The wails of police sirens at the front of the building was louder here. She drew a shaky breath of relief, adrenalin coursing through her and making her blood pump and her head clear. And that was when she remembered Tom. Where was he? Had he got out in time? Or had the police found him?

Surely as the owner of the night club, he could not hope to escape unscathed?

“This way.” Colin tucked her arm through his and they headed away from the club at a brisk pace, towards Fifth Avenue where they melted into the late evening crowd.

Tom had made no move. And she hadn’t needed to make a choice.