Dear Julia started with an email from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. They put out a call to their historical writers to submit novellas for an anthology called Love Letters. A letter needed to trigger the story, but the letter could be anything – a ‘Dear John’, an inheritance, a love letter.
I hadn’t even reached the end of the email and I knew exactly what I wanted to write.

A few years ago a friend of mine wrote a short story for a magazine contest in which a young woman remodels her home and finds a letter that had been left on the mantelpiece for her years earlier.

Mandy very kindly gave me permission to steal her idea – and earned herself the dedication at the front of Dear Julia.

And so the story was born. My heroine, Rosalie, is remodelling her father’s new house when she find an envelope behind the old mantelpiece addressed to ‘Julia’. The envelope also contains a ring, so Rosalie goes in search of the mysterious Julia. Instead, she finds William Cavendish, an embittered recluse.

What happens next? Read the book!