Today I ask every one of my blog followers to take part in saving our planet. No matter how big or small the action, if every one of us makes an effort I truly believe we can change the world.

Start at home: initiate a clean-up project, change your light bulbs, plant a tree, donate a tweet where it matters most to help raise awareness, or spend a romantic evening by candle-light rather than electric lighting.

If you have a little spare change, make a donation to a charity. It may only be a small amount to you, but it’ll mean a lot to the people who are on the front-lines of the fight to save the planet for us all.

Not sure where to put your money? Here are a few ideas:

Sting’s Rainforest Foundation Fund

Save the Tiger

African Wild Dog Conservancy

Prevent logging in the Congo basin

Next time you want to buy a gift for a distant loved one, try one of these sites:

Greater Good

The Rain Forest Site

There are many, many worthy causes out there, and it’s hard to support them all. So choose one that means the most to you. For me, it’s saving the rain forests. Trees are the lungs of our planet and we cannot live without them. Sadly, there are way too many people out there who can only see the short term, and the dollars that can be made from destroying these vast tracts of land that provide us with the oxygen which each and every one of us needs to survive. But it’s more than that.

Our need for the forests of the world is more than just physical, it’s spiritual. Can you even imagine a world in which we could never see sights like these ever again?

Let’s make every day Earth Day.