First up, the announcement of the contest winners. As there were only two brave commenters for the contest, I’ve decided that both ladies will be awarded free copies of Let’s Misbehave. Lorraine and Laura – I’ll email you PDFs as soon as I get a break in my hectic holiday schedule  (probably on the weekend).

Next: it’s official! Let’s Misbehave is now available on Amazon. If you want to buy a Kindle version, you can click here.

And finally, there are two exciting events to watch out for in Blogland. I’ll be participating in Blogfest 2010 on 10th – 12th September. All over Blogland there’ll be prizes galore up for grabs. I’ll be contributing something African-flavoured. I’ll also be participating in the 3rd anniversary party for Long & Short Reviews, which is running for most of August and where the grand prize is a Nook.