The vibrant, jazzy notes of percussion instruments drifted up towards the high ceiling, mingling with the swirling smoke and the sound of voices and merriment. Gabrielle stepped up to the microphone and projected her voice above the music.

“You could have a great career,

And you should; yes, you should.

Only one thing stops you, dear:

You’re too good, way too good.”

She loved this song. It was a lively number, written by the young American composer Cole Porter. She had made it her anthem and sang it at the beginning of every evening. Nothing brought the dancers to their feet and started the champagne flowing like “Let’s Misbehave.”

“There’s something wild about you, child,

That’s so contagious

Let’s be outrageous—let’s misbehave!”

Her voice swelled, rising above the clamour of the nightclub. The music pumped through her, inspiring her to daring frivolity.

[Lyrics from Let’s Misbehave by Cole Porter used by permission. All rights reserved. Rights owned by Alfred Publishing.]