Let’s Misbehave is set in London in the 1920s. England, with its traditions and class culture, was perhaps less affected by the sweeping social changes happening in the US at the same time, but it experienced a period of change nevertheless.

In the US, a new generation came to the fore, a young upwardly mobile, wealthy, intelligent crowd represented by icons like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. In England, the social structure was still firmly in place. Aristocratic young girls still made their debuts during the London Season and were presented at court. Though they began to wear their hair bobbed and their skirts shorter, the Flapper was not as common a sight as she was on the streets of US cities.

But one group of young people stood out in England. They fed the tabloids with the sensational stories of their escapades. They were witty and beautiful and aristocratic, and they were nicknamed the Bright Young People. The heroine of my novella, Gabrielle, is one of those. She parties hard, lives life for the moment, and yet beneath the modern, sophisticated veneer is a brittle young woman yearning to be loved.

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