Isn’t it gorgeous? My first ever book cover exceeds my expectations. Cover artist Nicola Martinez has captured the richness of colour I envisaged, as well as giving a sense of the period. Best of all, this cover looks so classy and elegant. Thanks, Nicola!

As you can tell from the cover, Let’s Misbehave is set against a backdrop of music. Not surprising seeing as the inspiration for the story came from a song. I’m quite prepared to admit than I’m a fan of musicals. I know the lyrics to an embarrassing number of show tunes. One day as I drove home from work, singing along to the soundtrack of De-Lovely, the biopic of Cole Porter, my heroine sprang fully formed into my head. Her story is titled for that Cole Porter song I was singing along to.

Gabrielle is a Flapper. She’s one of a new young breed of women who lives life on her own terms, flouting convention and living as though there’s no tomorrow. It’s the Jazz Age and life for the young and beautiful is all about music, dancing and champagne. But is that enough?

You’ll need to read Let’s Misbehave to find out.