I recently read Lucy Moore’s delightful “Anything Goes”, a biography of the 1920s. Each chapter is dedicated to an aspect of life in the 20s, from Hollywood to politics to prohibition. The author has an eye for the events most guaranteed to entertain. Very few non-fiction books are as page turning as this one!

What fascinated me most were the parallels Ms Moore drew right at the very beginning of the book between the 20s and our current generation, and the similarities struck me time and time again as I read. The hedonism, the consumerism, the financial over-optimism that eventually led to an economic crash, the power of advertising, the crime, the dominance of the youth culture. We look at our cultural figure-heads and bemoan the example they set with drugs, alcohol and violence. The general populace of the 1920s may not have known about it, but their role models were no less tarnished.

I love the period of the 1920s. The Golden Age. The Jazz Age. The Roaring Twenties. And it’s not just because I feel an affinity between that time and ours. It’s because the 1920s were exciting. This was the time when women first started to come into their own. They danced, they drank, they wore short skirts and make-up, and fought for the right to work and vote. It was thanks to their foundations that we enjoy the lives we lead today.

In my next post I’ll give you a sneak peek into the setting of Let’s Misbehave, my novella that Wild Rose Press will be publishing (release date to be confirmed).